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Romance Stories Online
are mostly Filipino Romance or Tagalog Stories.


His Very Own Private Dancer

Icy got ready for work. Her mother woke her up even though she went to bed only three hours ago. “Jonty called. You have a job. He will be fetching ...
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Is He Flirting with Me?

He smiled at you... with his eyes on you. You ask yourself, is he flirting with me? Or he just enjoys girls a lot? It is not hard to gauge ...
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Have a Date with Me Tonight?

"Have a date with me tonight?" What if somebody you knew suddenly asked you this? Would you laugh out loud? Would you slap his face off? Or would you accept ...
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I Love You and I Am Sorry

Rafe was itching to go but Lacy’s flight was delayed. Lacy smiled at him, though her eyes were full of tears. “You go now.” “Do you have my new number?” ...
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Photographs and Childhood Memories

“We’re just five. David has no partner.” Jake didn’t raise his head. The brake needed his attention than his sister’s announcement. “Call Meg. That should even the number.” “Meg can’t ...
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You are the Only One

Elmo was not excited to go home. No, he was excited. And yes, he was also apprehensive. What would be his reception? When the airplane touched down, his mind alerted ...
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