A Scary Experience

A Scary Experience

Have you ever been scared with something weird and unexplainable?

The Philippine lore is rich with tales of the strange creatures that supposedly live among us. The traditional grandparents in Filipino families love telling stories to their grandchildren with vivid and lively imagination.

Stories with more action are the merrier. Throw in a lot of fantasy characters like the encanto and the diwata to create a lot of thrill.

Even to this day where most people hang-out in online digs and watch movies in pirated disks, there are still places where the long tentacles of the Internet haven’t reached yet.

And even right at the center of a bustling city or people-packed neighborhood, there are still spots of silence and isolation.

Do not be lulled with the peace and quiet of the night when alone inside a room even when you’re playing Tetris with friends on Facebook.

Mysterious shadows in the dark are hiding behind walls and biding their time…

What will you do when a hairy arm suddenly appeared by your side… and when its fat hairy fingers with long nails pressed the keyboard to play the Candy Crush for you…

a. Scream with fright
b. Freeze like a statue
c. Fall asleep

Lady R suggests: b & c 🙂

Freeze and sleep like a statue… lol

Kidding aside, this kind of scary experience really happened.

Read the true horror story here.

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