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How to Tell a Friend: 3 Simple Ways to Remove Blackheads and Whiteheads

As a teenager, I was very conscious about my skin. I used the age-old egg whites, mixed with calamansi juice. I even experimented on white mask: made of starch and water. I would leave the white paste on my face until morning. I woke up with cracked cake on my skin but feeling refreshed. As an adult, I settled for salicylic soap and collagen soap. I used them alternately, and a facial cream with spf25 uva/uvb.

Is He Flirting with Me?

His eyes twinkled along with his happy grin when he sees you.

Have a Date with Me Tonight?

Friend or stranger, prepare to exit when things don't go as you expected. You can ask a close friend to call you. Don't touch the drink if you have to go to the comfort room.

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