Cook Delicious Fried Rice for Loved Ones

Cook Delicious Fried Rice for Loved Ones

Show Your Love and Care with Delicious Cooking

How do you show love to your loved ones? Most women cook. Most men buy flowers although a lot of men also know how to cook these days.

There is no correct time to demonstrate how much you love someone. Sometimes, a sweet smile or a saucy wink from a partner could trigger a volcanic-like surge of love from the deep bowels of the heart. And a strong want to reciprocate will become an urge to act, not just say ‘I love you, too!’

This is a cliché but still true: The fastest route to the heart is through the stomach. That’s why cooking a delicious dish is the fastest way to show love.

And the quickest and the easiest dish to cook in such very short notice is… Fried Rice!

Fried rice is not just toasted garlic and left-over rice. Fried rice can be mixed with meat and vegetables.

Fried rice is not just stir-fried meat-veggie with rice. With seafood like shrimps, cold cuts, mushrooms, and even sesame seeds fried rice can be an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Click here to find more fried rice recipes.

Home-Cooked Fried Rice with Corn and Ham

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