Have a Date with Me Tonight?

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Friend or stranger, prepare to exit when things don’t go as you expected.

“Have a date with me tonight?”

What if somebody you knew suddenly asked you this?

Would you laugh out loud?

Would you slap his face off?

Or would you accept seriously as he seems serious…?

A date is not a prelude to sex but many of the modern men and women would think so. It does not have to end in bed, as so many movies and stories tell. These are only fiction.

Say, you’re a woman who looks on a date as a ‘getting to know each other’ stage, where you assess each other as compatible partners. But, alas, you found yourself falling head over heels.

How can you think straight when your feelings are muddled?

When you’re on the look out for a lifelong partner, shouldn’t it be mind over matter? You should be sensible.

Author, Derby Herbenick, had compared love and sex to a roller coaster. The downward curves are akin to the sensation of being rejected or heart broken.

Nobody wants rejection but it is inevitable, and the hurt makes the heart sturdier.

So when someone asks you for a date, you will smile and accept.

If it’s from a friend, you will go with positive anticipation. After all, you have all the background you need. Meaning, he is stable and practical. (Practical, huh?)

You want to find out if the sparks fly…

Now, if a stranger invited you for a cup of coffee — why not? Just be sure that you are watching that cup from the barista until it reaches your table.

Or better yet, you buy the coffee alongside him. You can assess him unobserved.

Sara McCorquodale, (The Guardian), advices women to be extra careful to strangers they are meeting through the Internet.

Friend or stranger, prepare to exit when things don’t go as you expected. You can ask a close friend to call you. Don’t touch the drink if you have to go to the comfort room.

There is no harm on precautions.

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