Home-Cooked Adobo: How to Cook Different Adobo Recipes

Home-Cooked Adobo: How to Cook Different Adobo Recipes

What is Your Favorite Ulam? Adobo!

What’s for dinner tonight?

The first dish to consider should be the favorite by almost every Filipino. Adobo!

Pork Adobo is very easy to cook though it has several different ways of cooking.

One traditional method of cooking adobo: Simmer the pork with all the ingredients thrown in a pot with cover. Slow cooking over low heat ensures that pork meat is tender and juicy – perfect with steamed rice.

Some cooks prefer to sauté the spices and seasonings in a small amount of oil first before adding the pork meat to simmer until tender.

Marinating the pork meat for a few hours improves the taste.

Pan-frying the pork meat before sautéing seals in the flavor and gives chewy texture to adobo dish.

Try mixing fried tokwa with pork meat and get an overload of protein without the guilt on consuming a lot of meat.

What lunch or dinner to serve for surprise guests?

Pork adobo is the best meal to offer! It is the easiest recipe to cook in any Filipino kitchen. Why? All the ingredients are almost always present in the refrigerator and cupboard.

The soy sauce and vinegar are always present in the Filipino grocery list. Also the black pepper, salt, and bay leaves – and garlic and onions, too!

If the guest is a special someone, try something new with the adobo. Bake it.

Or pour coconut milk over simmering pork meat to make the adobo sauce creamier and tastier. Continue stirring to avoid curdling.

Pork and Tokwa Adobo

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