How to Play the Color Game

What is the Color Game?

The Color Game is purely a game of chance. If you win, you must be really lucky. lol

The Color Game is usually found in “perya” (which is the equivalent of carnival) in rural areas in the Philippines, where a fiesta (festival in honor of a saint, the Virgin Mary, and the Lord Jesus Christ) is currently going on. The perya normally stays for a week or two before traveling to other nearby towns that are going to celebrate their fiestas, too.

However, the patrons of the Color Game are normally the general public and mostly, the young people.

Is the color game gambling? It depends. If you put money at stake, it is considered as gambling. But why ruin a game that promises a lot of fun for the players?

The tools needed to play the Color Game are few and very simple to make. You may use new materials to construct both the board and the cubes. But it could be better to look for old stuffs around the house to recycle.

The color game could be considered as a board game because it also uses a board like the chess and the scrabble but with the other half of board on vertical position.

If you decided to re-use an old board of chess or scrabble, make sure the size of a colored cubes must fit the space of one of the 6 colored squares on the board. This will be a mini-board for color game, which you can easily bring anywhere!

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How to Make a Board for Color Game.

Here’s the list of materials needed and the procedure:

  1. 2 pieces square-shaped thick plyboard. The ideal ideal size is 2 feet x 2 feet.
  2. 2 pieces hinges. Attach the hinges to join the 2 halves of the board.
  3. 1 small piece rectangular plyboard. Drill a hole on all corners and one in the middle of one long side. Check out the illustration below on how to put the strings into the holes.
  4. Strings.
  5. 3 pieces smooth cubes. Just cut them off from a 2-inch x 2-inch smooth lumber (or what we call “dos-por-dos’ in Filipino).
  6. Sandpaper. Use the sandpaper to smoothen the rough edges and corners of both the boards and the cubes.
  7. Paints for wood (enamel). Use 6 colors of your choice to paint each side of a cube and a square on one board.
  8. Paintbrush. A small brush will do to apply paint on the wood.

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How to Use the Board to Play the Color Game:

  1. Open the board and prop the top against a wall or a steady support.
  2. Arrange the colored cubes on the hanging plane.
  3. Here’s the exciting part, at last! Hold the end of the longest string and pull it forward and upward. Of course, you can use a small force as in a slight jerk when pulling the strong. lol
  4. The colored cubes would then be released and tumble down on the surface of the colored board.
  5. To win the Color Game, the color on top of a cube should match the color on the surface of a square on the board — as in green on green or red on red.

The Color Game is fun to play during parties, as one of the parlor games, and also in get-together or family occasions. Prizes should be awaiting to be awarded to the lucky winners… so don’t forget to prepare gifts that would delight everyone.

Writer’s Note: This topic was requested by one of the Beautiful Romanticans named Yna.

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