How to Tell a Friend: 3 Simple Ways to Remove Blackheads and Whiteheads

Most girls ignore blackheads. When they do not have pimples, they consider their skin clear and flawless.

Wrong. Blackheads are skinless pimples. If you have large the skin pore and oily skin, you are prone to have blackheads. Of course, the smaller pores are prone, too; although they are whiteheads.

They can appear at different parts of the body, besides the face: behind the ears, the armpits, shoulders, chest, and even the butt.

But the favorite place seem to be the nose. Irritating, isn’t it? Imagine having the open-air pimples right on your nose!

How can you ignore the blackhead, a.k.a. pimples, on the nose? They are always visible on your face whenever you look in the mirror.

Here are 3 simple blackhead removal:

Method 1. Wash your face twice daily. Remove your make-up before going to bed. It is elementary but doing this every night can be tedious.

Do not use bath soap. Use a facial soap or facial cream. If you do not have any, use a baby soap. It is milder than the body soap.

Lukewarm water is better; but tap water is fine than not having a wash before you sleep.

Method 2. If you have a very bad case of blackheads, you must take it seriously. Try the different how-tos you found on the internet.

Not on your face at the first chance. If you have blackhead on your chest or any other part of your body, try the new knowledge there.

Using the baking soda and salt can be harsh to anybody (but not to you?). It is better to not apply it to your face at first.

Remember, you are trying this at home and by yourself.

Watch these videos and determine which one answers your blackhead problem.

Method 3. Supposedly, you are one of the individuals who do NOT have the time, the patience, and the courage to try all these how-to videos.

And you have the money to burn. Go to a derma clinic. Consult a dermatologist. Not just one or two, ask several professionals until you found the one who helps you remove blackheads and prevent those black dots from coming back to your skin.

As a teenager, I was very conscious about my skin. I used the age-old egg whites, mixed with calamansi juice. (That is lemon juice nowadays.) Painstakingly, I applied this muck on my face and patiently waited for it to dry. Then I wash my face with tap water.

I even experimented on white mask: made of starch and water. I would leave the white paste on my face until morning. I woke up with cracked cake on my skin but feeling refreshed.

I also experimented on mud mask, honey pack and cucumber facial mask. I stirred clear of facial cleansers with harsh ingredients.

As an adult, I settled for salicylic soap and collagen soap. I used them alternately, and a facial cream with spf25 uva/uvb.

If I didn’t bring them during my travels, I buy baby soap.

Remember: we have only one face. Let’s take care of it. 🙂

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