Most Entertaining Fantasy Creatures

Most Entertaining Fantasy Creatures

Do You Believe in White Ladies, Tikbalang, and Aswang?

Have you seen a manananggal or a kapre? Those who claimed having seen any of these creepy creatures could not believe they’d seen the real thing. It could just be something that the imagination conjured.

In the old days, the beloved grandparents of Filipino kids often tell stories about scary creatures that live in the dark. These tales turned to legends and gained a firm space in the Philippine literature and even in the movies. The most famous character as narrator of such larger-than-life stories is called ‘Lola Basyang’.

Lola Basyang often appeared in the television and movies as a homely grandmother wearing eyeglasses and a grey bun while sitting in a rocking chair surrounded with children of different ages. The setting would always be in a living room with a dim lamp or lighting to convey the hour was after dinner or before bedtime. The children would have rapt expression on their young faces while listening.

But in this modern age of the Internet and mobile phones, these kinds of tales are now considered as fantasy. Most Filipinos under the age of twenty would not believe that a large community of tiny people would be living inside a big mound of soil – called punso in Filipino.

And yet, movies or tv shows about aswang, white lady, engkanto, and other frightening creatures are always top billers. Fantasy stories are very entertaining. In other countries, zombies and sci-fi monsters reign the tills.

Believe it or not, some people may have the third eye or the sixth sense to have real experiences with some paranormal creatures like a white lady and a tiyanak, or even a duwende. Click here to find a true scary story.

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