Quick-and-Easy Turkey Recipes for Filipinos

Quick-and-Easy Turkey Recipes for Filipinos

Quick and Easy Turkey Recipes for the Pinoy Noche Buena and Meja Noche

Want a Change from Lechon and Ham for Christmas?

Filipinos are fond of all kinds of lechon — Lechon Baboy (Roasted Whole Pork), Lechon Baka (Roasted Whole Beef), and Lechon Manok (Roasted Whole Chicken).

Why not serve Lechon Pabo — popularly known as Roasted Whole Turkey in other parts of the world — for the family Christmas dinner?

The thrifty Filipina homemaker would say turkey is expensive. And it’s so big! It would barely fit inside the average freezer.

An ordinary Pinoy kitchen doesn’t have a large pot or oven to accommodate cooking a whole large turkey.

But what the heck! It’s Christmas, a special occasion celebrated only once a year.

Cook the Turkey the Pinoy-Style: Fried or Grilled.


Heat a gallon of cooking oil in a big can and deep-fry the marinated-and-drained whole turkey.

Use a clean and sturdy wire to create a handle that will help pulling out the turkey out of the deep pot easily. Bend the end of wire to at least five inches long to act as stopper. Shape the other end into a big circle and wrap the wire with dry, clean cloth to protect fingers from burning.

Just remember to keep the fire low to medium to avoid burning the skin before the flesh inside was cooked.

Grilled or Roasted

Grilling whole turkey requires a bit more amount of charcoal. Arrange four hollowed blocks to form a loose square and spread the hot coals to all sides. Use a sturdy grill that will carry a heavy weight while cooking.

Put the marinated-and-drained whole turkey at the center of the frill and cover with a big can.

Keep the heat between low to medium. Add charcoal one by one and make sure they remained on the sides.

Tip: The can used is a container of either cooking oil or margarine which could be bought in large bakeries or stores in wet markets.

How to Check When the Turkey was Cooked?

How to tell when the turkey was ready. Use the eyes and a fork or knife. It is always safe when the cooking heat remained between low and medium.

When the skin started to turn golden to brown, prick the turkey with a fork or pointed knife all the way to its bones. The juice that ran out should be transparent and colorless — not pinkish or reddish.

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Roasted Whole Turkey

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