Uncut: White Flame-1

The original, unedited, and uncut version of the first English Love Story published in Lady Romantica site is here…

Lady Romantica originally wrote this story in blog style and posted in a social site almost 8 years ago.

It was dedicated for 2 young girls who met and became friends online. One from Malta and the other from the Philippines.

The writer tried to re-write and edit this story but the original plot remained stubborn and it got stuck like a flat tire that refused to budge. lol…

So here’s the story again — Uncut: White Flame.

Audrie was a teenager when her innocent heart fell in love to Sean, the man who belonged to her beautiful eldest sister Anne.

How could she fight the deepening forbidden attraction?

* * *

White Flame is a story of a self-possessed young woman, who is passionate but still unawakened.

Unconsciously, her innocent heart had fallen in love with a man who already belongs to her beautiful sister.

Audrie is the ugly duckling of the family so she knows — and accepts — the fact that Sean will never notice her.

As expected, the man sees her only as a future sister-in-law and seems uninterested to look beneath the thick eyeglasses.


Audrie always tells herself that she’s grateful for the lack of attention from the love of her life but it still hurts whenever she watches him smiling at her sister.

Audrie wished that her love is like a weed that she could kill instantly.

For so long, she had been pulling at its roots but it kept on sprouting back to life.

Just one glance and a casual nod from Sean could make her heart spin and turn her world upside down.

Her feelings had begun as a harmless crush for a fascinating creature that lives next door.

But after several years of seeing him almost every day, her whole being is now a slave to an emotion that is so powerful it scares her.

This unrequited love had continued to grow even when she kept it buried inside her.

Then suddenly, Sean is looking at her with interest… and attraction…?

Audrie is awed but unbelieving. How could a handsome and intelligent man be attracted to a boring and dull girl like her?

But this should not be the million dollar question. Instead, she should be asking ‘how can she save herself from more pain?’

She had been fighting this attraction through sheer determination and willpower.

It will be a losing battle now that Sean had focused his magnetic personality to her direction.

Audrie vows to resist until she can, but she’s not sure if her strength could last any longer.

She knows she’ll get burned once Sean got through the thick shield that she built to protect her vulnerable heart…

White Flame is elusive, innocent, and hot.

Lady Romantica explains: The place where Audrie and Sean live is in the suburbs of Love City. It is the capital city of the State of Romance, Republic of Nowhere. Their love story starts unfolding now…

Discover a Young Girl’s Secret Crush

Long fingers of golden light are slowly tearing the darkness of the night into shreds to herald the start of a new day.

When the hour struck 6:00, the alarm went off. Its shrill rings reverberated inside the room and inside Audrie’s head as well.

Her eyes opened up instantly. She loves mornings so she doesn’t mind getting up from bed even when the sun is not yet completely out.

“Good morning!” Audrie chirped to her reflection while combing her long and curly hair.

She disliked the black waves but couldn’t do anything but let them grow beyond her waist.

The last time she had her hair cut very short was a disaster. She looked like a mushroom!

The short tresses curled up and puffed up like a thick halo around her head. She didn’t repeat that mistake again.

Instead, she just ties her unruly hair into a bun or a French braid when at work. And when at home, she hides her hair beneath a cap or just pony-tailed it.

Audrie ran to the window when she heard sounds of a car passing by.

This has been her morning ritual ever since she transferred to this room as a teenager.

No one wanted to sleep in the bedroom because it is located in the front part of their two-story house and therefore looking out to the streets.

Various noises from passers-by are often heard throughout the night.

Amidst the blares of other vehicles and human voices, Audrie could still tell when a particular car is passing by her window.

It’s not the car that she likes to see though. It’s the owner.

Hiding behind the thin laces of the curtain, her eyes sought the face of her secret crush.

“Hi, Sean,” she whispered to herself while letting her eyes feast on the handsome features of the man who lives next door.

She’s free to look only when no one is around.

Sean Talbot is every girl’s crush and every woman’s dream husband in their town.

Why not? He is a hunk—very tall, well-muscled, and very eligible.

He is topless whenever playing basketball inside his front yard. During these times, most of the female population will suddenly get concentrated in this part of their town.

No red-blooded woman could ignore the masculine allure of wide shoulders and muscular chest.

But these are not the qualities that she liked the most.

Sean is a gentleman. He is well-mannered and intelligent. That’s why he became the youngest mayor in the history of their small town.

He studied law and public governance at the nearby university, located in Love City, which is just about an hour or two away.

The distance largely depends on what kind of vehicle you drive.

She drives a second-hand motorbike so the travel is just around 30 to 45 minutes.

Sean chose to drive there every day as a student so Audrie did not have a respite from seeing him.

Maybe, if he opted to stay in the city then she could have outgrown her teenage crush.

“Have a nice day,” she sighed when Sean’s car turned left after honking several times.

She walked to the bathroom slowly. Seeing Sean always makes adrenaline rush in her bloodstream.

Her heart would beat faster and her head would float like a balloon. The excitement is over and she’s back to her dull self.

“You should forget him, Audrie,” she told herself sternly.

“You’re twenty-two now so stop acting like a teenager. Stop hankering over a man, who already belongs to another woman—your own sister!”

She stared at her reflection for several moments then shook her head hastily when she started feeling self-pity.

“I think you must go out more often. Yes, I will accept Nicky’s dinner invitation for next Friday.”

Audrie ran into the shower cubicle before she could change her mind.

The decision is already made.


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