Uncut: White Flame-16

Beware of the White Flame… It Burns the Mind and the Soul

Audrie’s heart flipped-flopped wildly when she saw Sean staring at her.

Something hot seemed to leap out from the dark depths of his magnetic eyes.

Something similar to lightning that ripped through the skies.

Something like a small tongue of white flame that flared and blazed but remained unseen by the naked eye.

Audrie felt the white-hot heat enveloping her whole being. She felt the scorching sensation but there were no burn marks on her skin.

She was burning and yet she was shaking all over.

“Stop staring at me, please,” she pleaded huskily.

“Sorry.” Sean dropped his gaze onto his plate. He was not eating anymore.

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“I don’t know what’s happening to me. I always find myself thinking about you — and I don’t like it!”

He shook his head abruptly and then looked at her again.

His eyes were blazing with an unknown emotion. It was not anger but it was very hot.

“You’re a witch, y’know. You’ve been casting spells on me ever since that night in the garden,” he accused in a menacing tone.

Audrie was stunned.

“Of course not! That’s not true!” Her body shook even more when Sean stood up suddenly and strode towards her.

She couldn’t move to avoid him. His hands clamped on both her shoulders to pluck her off the breakfast stool.

She gasped when his arms imprisoned her body tightly. Her hands were pressed between them.

She tried to push him away but she had no strength.

“I — I couldn’t breathe!” she protested.

“Break the spells you cast on me,” Sean ordered harshly.

“I don’t want to dream about you anymore. I’ve lost enough sleep. Take away your black magic, witch!”

Audrie was just able to shake her head.

“I’m not a witch,” she denied breathlessly.

“Please, let me go.” She tried to struggle once again but his arms were like bands of iron.

“No… not yet…” His fingers combed her long hair clumsily.

Audrie winced when some hair strands were pulled off.

His hand cupped the back of her head so that she could not turn away.

She was able to struggle with panic-driven strength. His kiss landed on her cheek.

She didn’t realize how sensitive her skin was until the heat of his lips burned through the thin layer and travelled down to the centermost of her body. She trembled once again.

“No,” she moaned. “Please, stop now.” The temptation to give in was too strong.

Her whole being was ready to surrender everything. But her mind is screaming ‘no’.


“Mmmph!” Audrie clamped her mouth shut when Sean started kissing her. Her eyes were tightly shut, too.

‘Think of Anne, think of Anne,’ she whispered to herself repeatedly as his mouth continued on caressing her closed lips.

Anne had enough troubles on her plate right now and Audrie didn’t want to be one of them.

But the small tongue of the invisible white flame had grown to a full-blown bonfire.

And Audrie was standing at the center of it, getting burned and getting scorched.

It seemed impossible to resist anymore but she had to be strong. Sean would always be a wild and an unreachable dream.

Her own family would always be her rock and her anchor.

But the flesh was indeed weaker than the conscience.

Audrie found herself responding and yielding to Sean’s kisses and caresses.

Her hands had somehow crept up to his head and her fingers were combing through his jet-black hair.

Her lips had opened up without conscious consent.

She was somehow kissing him back as passionately as he was kissing her.

Seconds ticked by until minutes passed them by, Sean ended the kiss slowly, reluctantly. He was also breathing fast.

“You’re like a fever that boils my blood. I can’t think straight when I’m holding you like this.” His teeth grazed the vulnerable length of her neck and nipped at one earlobe.

“Let’s get out of here.”

“No…” Audrie croaked. Her voice sounded strange.

“Would you like me to make love to you on the kitchen counter?” Sean asked her teasingly.

“No!” Audrie gasped. She was melting once again, if it was still possible.

All her bones had turned to liquid while they were kissing. Her hands pushed against his chest with puny strength.

He let her go this time. She rubbed her sweaty palms against the sides of her jeans while moving away from him.

She couldn’t free her guilty eyes from being captive to his magnetic stare though.

Audrie swallowed the big lump inside her throat.

“I — I can’t hurt Anne,” she whispered. “I can’t betray my own sister.”

“She won’t get hurt if she doesn’t know.”

Audrie shook her head. She used the side of the breakfast counter as support to slide herself further away.

She needed some distance from Sean to clear her mind.

“Besides, I’m not offering you a relationship.”

She swallowed once again. Something in his eyes told her that his next words would be painful to hear.

“Just one or two nights will do.”

Audrie was speechless for a few seconds.

“What — what do you take me for?” Then his anger after their first accidental kiss flashed back in her memory.

He called her a tramp. And he was treating her like a tramp now.

Silence reigned while Sean was studying her pale face. When he spoke again, his voice was somewhat sarcastic.

“Looking at you now, you seemed innocent. But then, I saw you embracing and kissing a drunken man in front of a bar last Sunday.”

Audrie’s eyes widened guiltily.

“It — It was Nick. He’s a friend and co-worker.” She opened her mouth to deny that she was embracing and kissing Nick but Sean fired another question.

“Is he a boyfriend, too?”

Audrie shook her head. “No.”

Sean went silent again while his sharp gaze continued on delving the depths of her eyes. After a few seconds, his head gave a short nod.

“Come with me,” he invited casually.

Audrie heaved a deep sigh. She shook her head again.

“Please, let’s stop this madness now.”

“Be honest. Can you forget everything that happened between us?”

Her lips opened to utter a lie but her heart suddenly decided to speak.

“I’ll never forget — you’re my first kiss,” she admitted huskily.

“Don’t expect me to believe that.” Sean gave a short disbelieving laugh.

“You kiss like a pro. You touch my body like a true temptress.”

Audrie bit her lower lip. Her nails pierced her palms deliberately to prove to herself that those moments were really happening. She wanted to just melt and disappear right there and then.

“In fact, you’re a perfect…” Sean left the sentence hanging while he picked his blazer and neck tie. “… mistress material.”

Audrie gasped. She was stunned. She should feel insulted but she felt excited, too.

“How can you say that? I will be your sister-in-law soon!”

Sean looked at her with something like frustration and irritation.

“Do you think I could forget that you’ll be my sister-in-law? Do you think I could forget that you’re Anne’s sister?”

Audrie didn’t know what to say. “No…”

“Yes!” Sean cut in. “Yes, I could forget anything. Don’t act innocent. You bewitched me.”

“I’m sorry…”

“Just take away the spells, witch,” Sean muttered curtly before he turned sharply away.

“Don’t forget to lock the gates and the door.” He said as he pulled closed the kitchen door.

For few more seconds, Audrie couldn’t believe that Sean just left her alone.

She was like an old woman when she was able to move again. With shaking hands, she put the left-over foods inside the fridge and cleaned up the kitchen.

She was embracing herself when she went out to lock the gates. She used the kitchen door again and locked it before going up to her new bedroom.

She took a warm shower but she remained cold and empty inside.

Mistress… This was the last word in Audrie’s mind before sleep overcame her tired body.


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