Uncut: White Flame-2

The Moment Her Heart Died

“Hello, Mom!” Audrie greeted cheerfully as kissed her mother’s cheek before sitting on her dining chair.

“Where’s Dad?”

She didn’t ask for her two sisters because Anne and Aimee are both late risers.

They usually get out of bed at around eleven o’clock on weekdays.

During weekends, they sometimes show up at three or five in the afternoon.

Both girls work as models so their waking hours are different from Audrie’s.

“He’s on the phone talking to Sean.”

She thanked all her lucky stars because her mother was not looking at her when she dropped the slice of loaf bread.

‘Stop trembling!’ Audrie whispered inside her mind.

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She gathered her insanity hastily but did not dare ask why her father and Sean were talking on the phone.

“Sean wants to marry your sister Anne,” her mother continued excitedly.

“Oh…” Audrie gasped shakily.

To hide her shocked expression, she opened the door of the refrigerator and pretended to look for something inside.

“The butter and the fresh milk is already here, Audrie. What else do you need?”

“Uh, m-marmalade?” Audrie bit her lower lip to stop its trembling.

“We ran out of marmalade yesterday, child. Thank you for reminding me. I’d better include it to my grocery list now.”

Her mother bustled out of the kitchen to get the small notebook and pen that is exclusively used for listing down all household needs and important family appointments.

Audrie thanked her lucky stars again. Someone up there must be looking kindly at her just now.

No one had witnessed the devastation that she’s feeling because her heart is dying.

Golden rays of hot sunlight were spread on the shiny surface of the wooden dining table and against Audrie’s back because her chair is located near the window.

She should be feeling warm but her insides remained frozen.

So this is how it feels when the heart is dead…

“Hello, Audrie,” her father smiled as he sits down on his chair. “Where’s Mommy?”

At 58, Ron Jacobs managed to stay slim.

Audrie got her slender almost shapeless form from him—plus her tall height. Her sisters are also tall, but she’s the tallest.

Her mother, Marie Jacobs, is a petite woman who also looks younger than her 55 years of age despite the ample hips that developed after three pregnancies.

“Hi, Dad.” Audrie forced her knees to stand up so that she could greet her father with the customary kiss on the cheek. “Mom is—”

“Oh, there you are now, Dad,” her mother cut in as she bustled back into the kitchen. “Your coffee’s still hot.”

“Thanks, Mommy.” Daddy beamed.

Audrie pretended to sip her orange juice so she could continue recovering her lost equilibrium.

“So, when’s the wedding, Daddy?” Mommy asked eagerly.

“It will depend on our Anne’s work schedule, of course,” Daddy replied slowly, as though something was troubling him.

“Sean knows about the 2-year modeling contract that Anne recently accepted.” He shrugged before sipping his coffee.

“They have to find a date where they can squeeze the wedding day.”

“Oh, that’s too bad!” Mommy exclaimed. “I told Anne to reject that offer but she won’t listen.”

“Mommy, our children are all grown-up now,” Daddy reasoned out softly. “We have to respect their decisions.”

“Yeah, I know, I know.” Mommy shook her head as she agreed. “Will there be an engagement party?”

“I don’t know. But I invited Sean and his family to have dinner with us. He accepted.” Ron Jacobs smiled smugly.

“What?! Here!?”

Audrie secretly echoed her mother’s scandalized reaction.

Visions of small children running around the house flashed in front of her eyes as though she’s watching an old film but it’s the future that she’s seeing.

‘I really must kill this crazy love for Sean!’ she screamed inside her head.

“Don’t worry, Mommy. I already made a reservation in our favorite restaurant.”

“When?” Mommy refused to relax.

“Tomorrow night.”

‘Sunday night,’ Audrie gulped her juice in silence.

She didn’t dare talk because her parents would start noticing her.

Their distraction to Anne’s future engagement with Sean is manna from heaven for her.

“But—but—” Mommy opened the small notebook.

“Anne will be flying to New York tomorrow morning! She has a fashion show on Monday evening.”

“Oh, my!” Ron Jacobs stood up and fished out the phone from his pant’s pocket. “I’ll call Sean.”

“Call the restaurant, too,” Marie reminded as she followed her husband.

“Yup. I don’t want to pay a fine.”

“You should’ve asked me.”

“Yes, of course. Sorry about that.”

Like a wilting flower, Audrie slowly slumped on her chair when her parents were out of sight.

What should she do? she sighed miserably.

Can she skip the dinner party? Maybe, but she should have a very good and very valid reason.

Getting bedridden with illness is the only thing she could think of.

Why not? Audrie perked up a bit because the wild idea sounds good.

But how…?


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