Uncut: White Flame-21

Forbidden Moments Are The Sweetest

When Sean noticed that she was deeply asleep, he pulled out his cell phone to call the police station.

“Hello, Ken? This is Sean. I’d like to ask another favor.” Ken was a close buddy since high school. They remained friends until now.

“Ha-ha, I can already guess the reason for this out-of-the-blue request from the mayor,” Ken commented mockingly.

“It’s the motorbike girl again, no?”

“Not a motorbike anymore. You’d need a tow truck this time.” He gave the plate number, which he had memorized while passing by the parked black SUV. “Please bring it to the townhouse.”

“Right away, sir.” Ken was laughing now. “And you owe me double rounds now.”

“Yeah, more than a double, I think.” Sean forced himself to laugh lightly.

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Sean decided to bring Audrie to the townhouse once again because no one would assist the drunken girl if he brought her to her own home.

And he couldn’t possibly bring her to his house at this time of night. His mother’s sharp radar would be alerted at once.

And he didn’t need further complications while he’s trying to get rid of his crazy attraction to Audrie Jacobs.

‘Yes, I’m a crazy man, indeed!’ Sean told himself after he switched off the engine. He was hesitant now that they were parked in front of the townhouse.

Someone knocked softly on the driver’s window. It was Police Officer Ken.

Sean pushed the power button to open the window.

“Mission accomplished, Sean. The lady’s car is parked right behind yours now.”

“Thanks again, Ken.” Sean heaved a deep sigh before he spoke again.

“Could you open the gate and front door, please? She’s asleep and I have to carry her inside.”

“Ok.” Ken took the keys from Sean. He had a visitor here several times before so he was familiar on the whereabouts of the light switches.

“Don’t you think it’s wiser to put her in the living room instead of the bedroom?” He commented seriously. “Sort of away from temptation?”

“She’s a temptress anywhere you put her,” Sean said in a clipped tone.

“Yes, you’re right… but is she really the motorbike girl?” Ken did not recognize Audrie.

“The same girl. Just no more long hair and rugged clothes.” Sean placed Audrie’s sleeping form on the bed carefully.

Ken followed closely behind and quickly covered the girl with the thick bed cover.

“C’mon, let’s leave her here in peace,” he said after arranging the pillow beneath Audrie’s head.

Sean was reluctant to leave Audrie but he had to heed Ken’s insistent stare.

“Brandy?” He asked when they reached the living room, where a small wine bar was located in one corner.

“Just one shot, thanks.” Ken sat on the bar stool.

Sean fought with himself quietly while nursing his glass.

“A woman’s heart is sometimes elusive,” Ken said after a few minutes of thick silence.

“It’s hard to catch, especially when it belongs to another man.”

“I’m not interested in catching any woman’s heart, Ken. I already have Anne’s,” Sean muttered with a false calm.

Ken just shrugged.

“That’s good to hear.” He gulped down the brandy. “I have to go now, Sean. I’m on duty until 8 in morning tomorrow.”

“Thanks again for your help.” Sean accompanied his friend outside.

They waved at each before Ken drove the tow truck away. He switched off all the lights, except the pin lights in the small lawn.

‘Does Audrie’s heart belong to that man in the restaurant?’ Sean asked himself while pouring another shot of brandy for himself.

Audrie woke up after tossing for a while in her sleep. She was dreaming but couldn’t recall the dream.

She just remembered feeling heavy with so much guilt but without knowing what her sins were.

And she was sweating so much as though she carried an unseen burden on her shoulders.

It could be her conscience.

Or it could just be the worst hang-over on earth.

Her head was filled with hundreds of little men banging a hammer against her skull.

She couldn’t see straight. Everything around her was woozy and blurred, just like in the movies when somebody’s dreaming.

Maybe, she was still dreaming…

When Audrie chose to believe that she was still dreaming, the splitting headache disappeared suddenly.

It was replaced by a peculiar hotness. Her whole body was burning from unseen fires, which she desperately wanted to get rid of.

She forced her heavy limbs to move. Her legs staggered drunkenly as she moved towards a door that she only guessed as the bathroom.

This bedroom looked strange yet familiar. She knew she had been here before but couldn’t remember when.

Her eyesight was still foggy and she hazily noticed the spaciousness of the elegant bathroom.

But her main concern was the blazing fire inside her body and the throbbing heat inside her head.

Without removing her clothes, Audrie got inside the glass cubicle and turned on the shower knob.

The water was icy cold against her skin. She let out a very loud gasp but remained unmoving under the steady jet of needle-like spray.

Her short hair got plastered around her head. Her make-up got washed away from her face.

Her clammy hands tried to peel off her wet clothes but her trembling fingers lack the strength to lift the heavy fabric.

She giggled softly at her foolishness. She just destroyed her new dress but she couldn’t care a bit because she was only dreaming.

“I wish I’m dreaming about Sean, too,” Audrie whispered to herself.

She tried to sound nonchalant but she could almost taste the underlying desperation and fear bubbling inside her guts. She was afraid because her feelings towards her sister’s fiancé were fast becoming uncontrollable.

Loving Sean was like riding a giant roller coaster with lots of twists and turns. And the only way she could set herself free was to remove the safety harness…

Audrie sighed loudly and shook her head to get rid of the murky thoughts.

She felt dizzy instantly due to the sudden movement. She shook her head again with more force.

When she experienced nausea again, she was forced to accept that she was not really dreaming.

The floor kept rolling under her feet because she was still very much drunk.

A languid hand slapped on her forehead as she scolded herself drowsily.

“You’re such a naive fool, Audrie Jacobs!” Her voice had gone hoarse now and her body was starting to tremble.

The water from the shower had gone icy cold against her skin.

She forced her freezing fingers to unzip and took off the clingy wet dress.

She was shuddering very badly when she managed to remove the dripping clothes.

Her legs were shaking and she just got able to stand on them through sheer determination.

Even though her earlier thoughts were almost suicidal, Audrie’s sense of modesty could never let herself die in the nude.

She giggled helplessly. There’s nothing funny in her present predicament but she preferred to laugh rather than cry.

Hysteria was like a moth circling the flame. Her self control was ready to snap anytime but she still had enough sense to keep herself calm.

The cold shower helped.


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