Uncut: White Flame-5

An Unforgettable Mistake of Passion

The kiss went on and on.

Audrie was breathless and could easily stop breathing but she still wished the kiss to go on forever.

Darkness was starting to conquer her consciousness but she would be happy to die within Sean’s arms.

Of course, the reality will soon set in but she’d rather continue dreaming.

For the first time in her life, Audrie felt careless and reckless.

Indeed, love has an adverse effect on her. It could transform her personality – from shy to uninhibited creature.

It was only then that she realized she’s kissing Sean, too.

All the pent-up love that she’d been hiding these past several years had found a way out.

Her passion was like boiling lava shooting from an underground volcano.

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No one suspected how strong and how forceful the explosion would be.

It was mind-blowing and she had no option but respond hotly.

“Anne! Anne!” Marie Jacobs’ shrill and angry voice destroyed the magical moments.

“Your Mom’s looking for you,” Sean murmured huskily.

His mouth freed her lips to plant caressing kisses on her cheek, jaw, and neck.

His warm hands roamed the bare skin of her back.

“I’m here, Mom! You don’t have to shout!”

Sean stiffened after hearing Anne’s voice. “What the — ”

He pushed Audrie away and peered at her pale face.

“You’re not Anne!” he hissed furiously.

The balmy night air suddenly turned cold when his warm embrace was withdrawn. Audrie felt frozen to her soul.

She began shaking at once maybe in shock but more in shame.

Her arms wrapped around her trembling body, as though shielding her from harm. Her knees could not support her so she leaned against a nearby stone pillar.

“Where’s Audrie?”

“I don’t know. Did you send her to find me?”

“Yes. And it seems she failed. Did you hide from her?”

“Of course not!”

“Audrie! Audrie!

“Stop shouting, Mom. We’re not in our own place. Maybe, she’s already inside.”

“I didn’t see her there.”

“Maybe she got in while you’re getting out. C’mon. Let’s go inside. It’s cold out here.”

“Did you cancel your flight tonight?”


“I told you not to go. Anne, don’t be so stubborn.”

“You are the one who’s being stubborn, Mom. This is my life and my career. Please do not interfere.”

The two women had rounded the corner towards the entrance of the house so their voices had wafted to the opposite direction.

“Why don’t you go after them?” Sean asked coldly.

“Are you expecting me to apologize? You should have fought me instead of responding like some little tramp.”

His sarcastic words were like daggers that cut deep into her heart.

The pain was so excruciating. Audrie gasped for air before losing consciousness.

She wanted to die. Sean was right.

She behaved like a wanton and she just wanted to disappear on the face of earth.

She was coughing when she opened her eyes again.

She was half-lying, half-sitting on a soft chair.

A golden lampshade was glowing on a corner table and Sean was sitting behind it.

His strongly-etched features looking sinister as he stared at her.

She tried to move away from him but his fingers imprisoned her chin and cheek.

“Drink some more. You look very pale.” He pressed the glass he’s holding on her lips.

Her nose wrinkled at the smell of whiskey.

“I don’t drink,” Audrie croaked. “Please let go.” She tried shaking her head but was still feeling too weak.

“Are you alright now?” Sean stood up suddenly and moved away as though he couldn’t stand being near to someone like her.

“Yes.” Audrie hung her head to hide her face. She could never look at this man in the eye ever again.

“I want to go home,” she whispered hoarsely.

“Yes. You can use the side door. Follow me.” Sean opened the door of what seemed a study room.

Large and hardbound books lined the several rows of wooden shelves covering an entire wall.

“Can you walk?”

“Yes…” Her legs were still wobbly but her desire to get away from Sean as soon as she could gave her enough strength to move.

“No — ” She flinched away from his hand offering some support.

“Move faster,” he muttered brusquely. “Someone might find us here.”

“Then leave me now,” she said quickly. “I can manage.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes…” She heaved a deep sigh.

Breathing the same air with him was sheer torture. She wanted him to go away or she might faint again.

“Please… just go…” She pleaded because she could still feel him looking at her.

“The only excuse I have is that purple dress. Is that Anne’s?”

Audrie just nodded. Her throat was already closed.

“You have the same height, the same dress… and you responded to me like a long-lost lover…” Sean talked in a matter-of-fact tone.

He had already regained his self-control.

“But you knew I thought you’re Anne,” he added accusingly.

“I’m sorry…” Audrie whispered weakly. “Let’s forget about it, please…”

“That’s the wisest thing to do.” He paused as though feeling unsure.

“I think it’s best for you to stay. Your parents might get worried for you.”

“No,” Audrie almost screamed.

“They — they will understand,” she added tremulously.

“This — This party is an important occasion.”

A number of seconds ticked by heavily before Sean spoke again.

“The side door is actually a sliding glass door to your right when you go out of this room. It leads to the rose garden where a small service gate is located.”

Audrie did not reply anymore.

She knew the rose garden very well because it was beside the screened basketball court where Sean plays ball for a couple of hours every weekend morning.

But after this bitter and unforgettable mistake, she could never watch Sean again even from afar.


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