Uncut: White Flame-7

Love is a Unique Treasure to Keep Forever

She didn’t like the wet sensation and the smell of stale beer in his breath but she still remained unmoving.

What’s happening to her? Her conscious mind knew that she should go to discourage Nick but there was no order to move from her brain.

Was she deliberately leading herself to harm as self-punishment?

The thought was like a splash of cold water on her face.

‘No!’ she screamed inside her head.

A mistake could never be corrected by committing another mistake.

“I’m sorry, Nick, I can’t. I have to go home now. We have work tomorrow.” Audrie stood up suddenly.

She did not swallow a lot of beer so she could still move agilely.

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Nick did not have a chance to go after her as she walked towards the exit quickly.

She’d pay her share tomorrow but for now, she really had to go away from here.

‘Poor Nick! I’m really sorry I almost used you,’ she whispered to herself as she donned the black helmet.

She was so deep in thought she didn’t notice the approaching policeman.

“Good evening, ma’am.”

“Good evening, officer.” Audrie pulled off her helmet again.

“May I see your driver’s license, ma’am?”

“Why? What’s my violation?”

“None yet… but I noticed that you just got out of that pub and it seemed you’re planning to drive this thing even when you’re drunk — ”

“I’m not drunk,” Audrie cut in quickly, almost defensively. “I’d walk the straight line test to prove it.”

“That would be fine. Please, walk over this line, ma’am.”

The police officer pointed at one of the neon lines painted on the sidewalk.

Audrie passed the test without any effort.

“Can I go now?”

“Yes, ma’am. Thank you for the cooperation.”

But before Audrie could mount on her motorbike, Nick was coming out of the pub’s door.

He looked very drunk and very disappointed.

“Hey, Audrie! Wait for me! You can’t just leave me here!”

“Do you know this man, ma’am?”

“Yes, he’s a friend – and I can handle him. Thank you, officer.”

Audrie tried to dismiss the policeman politely before Nick could reach them.

“OK. Good evening and take care, ma’am.”

Audrie waited for Nick with her helmet tucked under her arm.

“I’ll call a taxi for you, Nick,” she offered.

“No! I’m going with you.”

“I’m going home to get some sleep. And so should you.”

“Take me home with you, honey.”

“Nick, you’re drunk — ”

Nick lurched as he stepped towards her.

He was taller by three or more inches and Audrie just managed to remain standing while trying to support his heavy weight.

Nick instantly embraced her tightly while burying his mouth against her neck.

He kept on murmuring slurred words even while she’s fighting to keep them from falling on the concrete sidewalk.

“Are you sure he’s not your boyfriend, ma’am?”

“No, he’s not!” Audrie snapped a sharp reply due to irritation and embarrassment.

“Do you need our assistance?”

The policeman sounded smug and he seemed smirking behind his poker-faced expression.

Audrie didn’t care anymore. She wanted to get away from Nick at once.

“Please, help me, officer,” she was breathing hard from exertion.

Nick seemed fallen asleep and had gone heavier.

As though coming from a genie bottle, two policemen suddenly appeared beside the secretly smirking one and assisted on plucking off Nick from Audrie, or vice versa.

Audrie was a complete prisoner of his drunken embrace.

She was disheveled by the time Nick was safely lying on the backseat of the police car. He was snoring loudly.

“Thank you very much, officers.” Audrie shook hands with the three policemen.

She didn’t ask where they usually deliver arrested drunkards but she’s sure Nick was safer in the police station rather than in his own flat.

‘I’ll never come here again.’ Audrie promised herself while trying to comb her rumpled hair with her shaking fingers.

‘No more looking for distractions! You have to learn how to fight the fatal attraction for Sean by yourself!’

She was so busy reprimanding herself she didn’t notice the black sleek car that parked smoothly beside her motorbike.

“Get in.”

Audrie almost jumped out of her skin when she heard Sean’s deep voice right behind her.

“What — ”

“I said, get inside the car,” Sean repeated his order in a clipped tone.

His dark eyes were blazing and seemed ready to explode.

Audrie fought the melting sensation that only Sean could create inside her body by bristling and pretending to be angry.

“You have no right to order me around,” Audrie retorted rudely.

“Then stop acting like an irresponsible teenager!”

Sean hauled her whole body and deposited her on the passenger seat without any warning.

Audrie could only squeal in shock.

“How dare you! Let me get out of here!”

Sean ignored her. He sat behind the wheel and calmly punched numbers on his cell phone.

“No worries now, Ron. I already found her.”

Audrie turned to a statue after hearing her father’s name.

“That was Dad?” she asked in a confused tone.

“We’re all looking for you all over the place since your parents discovered you’re missing once again,” Sean informed her sternly.

“Next time you disappear, try leaving a note to your family.”

“But I always leave a note…”

Audrie voice petered out when she realized that she had forgotten to leave the usual note on the kitchen message board.

“I’m sorry I got them worried. I didn’t mean it…”

There was a short and tensed silence.

“We’re going to my townhouse first. You must fix yourself before I’ll take you home,” Sean stated flatly.

Audrie was so repentant she obeyed Sean’s command without any protest.


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